Fortean Photography

The bystander who captured this image only noticed the three glowing orbs when he got the film back from the lab. Isn't it odd how they are in a perfect column?  Does this suggest that the source of these three lights is intelligent, or perhaps, soulful? This photograph was taken in a cemetery, after all.  Let's examine the photograph and find out. 

Most orbs are easily debunked whether they be light reflecting off of the exoskeleton of an insect or a speck of dust that happens to be floating by. In this particular exposure, the fact that the orbs only appeared after the film was developed suggests that these spots are impurities on the emulsion of the film, and just by observation--this film is most likely expired.

I'm not saying that it is impossible to miss an entity with the naked eye, but have the camera pick it up. However, there is nothing truly spooky about this image.

Unusually Yours,


Tobias Wayland