Life after Life

Credit: Chronis Jons

Credit: Chronis Jons

Recently, Bioquark Inc. was given permission to begin tests to see if the human nervous system in brain dead patients can be regenerated; essentially, returning consciousness to the patient.  The ramifications of this are practically incomprehensible.  For instance, would this prove that consciousness is a function of the brain, or might they merely be repairing the biological receiver responsible for the reception of consciousness

I think it would depend on what we learned from those that have been returned to life.  Certainly, if the newly risen came back to us espousing tales of other dimensions that await after this mortal coil, then even the most materialistic eyebrows must raise.  Similarly, I would think that the experience of a vast, empty, unremembered void would produce a singular depression in all of us fervently hoping for some persistence of personality.  Either way, I think the results have the potential to completely change how we look at human consciousness.  And that is at once wonderful and terrifying.

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland