Alien Race

The real race for forteans to watch this election cycle is the one that determines whether or not it will be Hillary Clinton or President Obama who first discloses secret government files on UFOs.  Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research Group speculates that Clinton's renewed interest in the subject puts pressure on the president to disclose before leaving office.  And while that might seem a bit speculative, we can be sure that Clinton does have a real interest in the subject, as does her campaign chairman, John Podesta.  Although it's difficult to get excited about even that, since presidential hopeful Clinton was quoted on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as saying "If there's nothing there, let's tell people there's nothing there.  If there is something there, unless it's a threat to national security, we ought to share it."  What, I ask you, in the age of paranoia, would constitute valuable information on UFOs that is not considered "a threat to national security?"  The answer, I'm afraid, is not much.

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland