Demonic Deeds Lead to Church's Call for Emergency Exorcists

A scene from the 1973 film The Exorcist.

A scene from the 1973 film The Exorcist.

Citing "a rise in the  popularity of 'pagan activities', such as using a Ouija board to summon the dead, the failure of the mental health care system, a spiritual void in the lives of Americans and the diminishing authority of the Church," experts on exorcism from Italy and America are calling for an increase in exorcists to help stem the satanic tide.  

Catholic church officials claim that the Internet has helped disseminate spiritual corruption to young people everywhere, and although the number of exorcists employed has increased in recent years there still aren't enough to handle the growing epidemic.  

One suggestion from Victor Cascioli, a scientific consultant to the International Association of Exorcists, involves funding a university with "an interdisciplinary approach in which science collaborates with religion, and psychiatrists work with demonologists and exorcists.”

Personally, this seems a bit like the church grasping at straws in the face of its growing irrelevance in modern mental health.  What do you think?  Is demonic possession really on the rise, or is religion refusing to relinquish its relevance to the field of mental health?

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland