A Singular Experience: The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

We are once again happy to report that we'll be headed to Milwaukee this weekend to cover the 2nd annual Milwaukee Paranormal Conference.  It's not too late if you don't have your tickets yet, so head over to their website and buy yours now.  Worst case scenario, you end up hanging out with us and talking about fortean topics all weekend.  We're also excited to announce that we've secured interviews with Loren Coleman and Linda Godfrey, both of whom will be appearing as guest speakers.

Loren Coleman is an author and cryptozoologist who has written seventeen books and over three hundred articles; including contributions to both Fortean Times and Fate magazines.  Loren is a true giant in the field of cryptozoology, and chances are if you've seen a documentary on a cryptid, he's been in it.  You can learn more about Loren Coleman here.

Wisconsin's own Linda Godfrey holds an equally prodigious library of written works, and has appeared on both Monsterquest and Coast to Coast AM, in addition to a slew of other programs.  Her work on dogmen (including Elkhorn's Beast of Bray Road) is considered definitive, and if you love monsters then we recommend learning more about Linda here

We couldn't be happier about having a chance to interview these two, and keep your eyes peeled in the next week for us to post a video of it.  And don't worry, we'll secure as many interviews as we can with the Con's other guests while we're there.

Yours in Impossibility,


Tobias Wayland