Bridge Closure in Bradford, Vermont is 'NOT Because of Displacement of or Intrusion on a...Bigfoot,' Insists Anonymous Flyer

(Alexander Chee / Twitter)

(Alexander Chee / Twitter)

An anonymous flyer found August 19th by Alexander Chee, an associate professor of creative writing at Dartmouth College, has proclaimed that the closing of a local bridge in Vermont has nothing to do with Sasquatch.

According to the flyer:

We would like to put to rest any and all rumors regarding The Creamery Bridge, Bridge 22, that crosses the Waits River here in Bradford. The prolonged closure of the bridge is due primarily to deck replacement and NOT because of displacement of or intrusion on a “Sasquatch” or Bigfoot, either a single creature or several. This is absolutely untrue and frankly, quite ludicrous. These rumors born of agitated imaginations are to be ignored and disregarded. Thank You.

Chee claimed to have found the flyer in the window of his local post office in Bradford, Vermont, before sharing a photo of it on Twitter.

Bridge 22 has been closed since spring 2018, although, according to the Vermont Agency of Transportation, the causes of its prolonged closure are failing deck panels, a flawed surface replacement, and a sluggish approval process.

“It’s like pulling teeth here,” project manager J.B. McCarthy told NBC5 regarding the delay.

Many local residents are believers in Bigfoot, even if they don’t necessarily believe the cryptid is behind the bridge closure.

“I think that there’s definitely a Bigfoot or a Sasquatch around here for sure,” said resident Claudia Johnson, who also told the local news outlet that she’s heard unexplained rustling behind her home.

Reactions to Chee’s tweet have been largely humorous, with many commenting on how the flyer only made it seem more likely that Sasquatch had something to do with the situation.

“Sounds like something someone with a prolonged bridge closure due to displacement of or intrusion on a ‘Sasquatch’ or Bigfoot would say,” remarked Kat Veldt in one example.

Vermont does have a history of Bigfoot sightings, even if it’s not exactly the hotspot that states like Washington seem to be. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has recorded nine sightings dating back to the 1980s in Vermont; although none so far in Orange County, where Bradford is located.

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