Veteran Researcher Linda Godfrey to Release Documentary on Mysterious Big Cat Sightings in Wisconsin

( White Lhasa Studios / YouTube)

( White Lhasa Studios / YouTube)

Veteran researcher, investigator, and author Linda Godfrey is set to release a brand new documentary this year, titled Return to Wildcat Mountain: Wisconsin’s Black Panther Nexus. The film focuses on mysterious sightings of big cats west of Baraboo in Wisconsin.

According to the description accompanying the documentary’s trailer on YouTube:

At first blush it seems a waste: a mountain lion’s paradise empty of lions for almost 100 years. But nestled among the rocky crags and lush valleys of this small area in west central Wisconsin, around 150 eyewitnesses say the big cats also known as pumas or cougars are returning – indeed, have already returned—to their old lairs and watered woodlands. Both tawny-colored animals and, surprisingly, black-furred big cats now strut these rolling hills. Area reporter Steve Stanek says the eyewitnesses are sure of what they’ve seen, but that according to science and wildlife experts, “black panthers” don’t exist. The residents, who range from retired police officers to Amish farmers, beg to differ. The cats are back on Wildcat Mountain, they say, and this time, they show no signs of leaving.

Godfrey told the Singular Fortean Society’s Tobias Wayland that the film is in post production, and will be available soon.

Short versions of the film will be shown at Iowa’s Van Meter Visitor Festival on September 28th, and at the Charles Dickens Horror Festival in Colorado on October 19th.

The Singular Fortean Society will follow up with a release date and review of the documentary when more information becomes available.

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