Mutilated Cow Documented on Video by Florida Couple

A still image showing the area where the cow was found.  (Aaron Linn / YouTube)

A still image showing the area where the cow was found. (Aaron Linn / YouTube)

A video shared to YouTube last May shows a dead cow that appears to have had body parts cleanly removed. The mutilated animal was filmed by Aaron Linn and Jodi Houston, who claim to have seen strange lights over the pasture near Ocala, Florida where the deceased cow was found.

The video description read:

Extremely Graphic Content Bovine Cow Mutilation

Suspected Reptilian Alien Mutations

“Last night, there were lights everywhere out here,” said Linn as he approached the corpse.

“How fresh do you think that is?” asked Houston.

“That’s been cut…last night,” responded Linn.

“There’s no blood anywhere,” he continued. “There’s no eye, there’s no blood. Jodi, there’s no blood. Honey, there’s no blood. It don’t even really smell. There’s no [maggots], there’s no nothing.”

“This is where we saw the lights last night. I knew it. I knew it,” added Linn.

“You don’t think coyotes, or…?” wondered Houston.

“No. No, that was cut,” said Linn. “I want you to look at that. That is cut. There’s no bite marks.”

Clean incisions, missing soft tissue, and a lack of blood at the scene are all commonly reported attributes of cattle mutilation.

Linn has posted multiple videos of lights seen above the pasture to his YouTube channel over the past several months.

Most recently, he posted a follow-up video to his channel wherein he "walked in the pasture and over the hill on the horizon to show there isn’t anything really back there."

“I wanted to walk out here during the day, and show everybody what I’m looking at at night,” Linn said of the cow pasture. “‘Cause everybody at night…everybody that sees my films at night, they don’t understand that there’s really nothing out here—and if there is, then it’s something that I don’t know about.”

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