Mysterious TV-Headed Stranger Delivers Old Television Sets Door-to-Door in Virginia

Security camera footage of the mysterious delivery person.  (WSLS 10)

Security camera footage of the mysterious delivery person. (WSLS 10)

A mysterious TV-headed stranger recently delivered dozens of old television sets door-to-door in the dead of night to residents of Henrico, Virginia, reported WSLS 10 News.

Police are reportedly searching for whoever is responsible for dropping off at least 60 of the cathode-ray tube sets to confused citizens overnight on August 11th.

My first reaction was just ‘Did we order this?’ I mean, it’s not in an Amazon box or anything. It was just kind of strange,” said Henrico resident Adrian Gardner, who received one of the television sets.

Some residents believe the deliveries were part of a prank to get attention.

“I’m thinking it’s a senior prank,” fellow television recipient Michael Kroll said. “ You know, maybe it’s senior year, you know, going into high school, or some bored college kids before they go back to school trying to create a big buzz. They go back to college and say ‘Hey, look what I did.’”

According to police, more than one person may be involved, and the perpetrators could face charges of littering on private property or illegal dumping.

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