'Pterosaur' Reported in Wheaton, Illinois


Lon Strickler of Phantoms & Monsters spoke to a witness recently who said he’d seen a “pterosaur” in the late afternoon of July 5th.

"I recently received a telephone call from a witness...who described the sighting of a cryptid winged creature," said Strickler.

[The witness] was driving on Jewell Rd., about 1/2 mile west of Gary Ave. in Wheaton, Illinois during the late afternoon of July 5, 2019. He had been helping a friend with a yard sale.

As [he] was looking ahead of him, he noticed a strange form flying in the sky at an altitude of approximately 200 feet. The profile was that of a pterosaur, in particular the long tail with a 'spade' on the end. The head was indistinguishable because of the angle, but the wings were wide and similar to the classic form. The creature was dark in color and propelled itself with slow deliberate wing flaps.

[The witness] was able to observe the winged creature for 15-20 second and is positive that it was not a crane or heron, with which he is very familiar. The wingspan was undetermined, but much wider than any known indigenous bird.

"This is a continuation of cryptid bird and winged humanoid sightings in the Upper Midwest, in particular throughout the state of Illinois and Indiana," added Strickler.

Wheaton is a suburban city on the western edge of the greater Chicago metropolitan area. The sighting location is within 30 miles of Lake Michigan, near where many of the 2017 and 2018 winged creature sightings in Illinois took place; and surrounded by lakes, wetlands, and nature preserves.

This is the latest news in a string of ‘Mothman’ sightings from within a few hundred mile radius surrounding Lake Michigan, including every state bordering the great lake. These sightings ostensibly began in the spring of 2017, but more historical accounts are being reported as more people become aware of the phenomenon. Sightings of weird winged beings around Lake Michigan have been reported at all hours, often in or near a park, and around water.  Witnesses consistently describe a large, gray or black bat or bird-like creature—although in a small number of cases the creature was described as insect-like—sometimes with glowing or reflective red, yellow, or orange eyes; and humanoid features such as arms and legs are often reported.  Many of the sightings are also of something seen only briefly or are described only as a flying creature with few details, which leaves open the possibility that a large bird or bird-like being could explain some encounters. Sightings of anomalous avians, including thunderbirds and pterosaurs, are often reported in or near the same locations as those where witnesses have reported winged humanoids. 

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You can view a timeline of the sightings so far here, and an interactive map here.

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