"Strange Creature" Reported by Watchmen in Pakistani Market


Two watchmen at the Shershah flea market in Karachi, a city in Pakistan's Sindh province, have reported a "strange creature" lurking about, according to Pakistani news agency Samaa.

On July 11th, a watchman named Gulzar was performing his duties outside of a warehouse when he heard dogs barking nearby. He decided to get up to investigate, and said he felt a strange sensation as he approached the area of the disturbance. It was then that he said he saw a “strange creature”.

“The creature was black and its eyes were as bright as a torchlight,” the 25-year-veteran watchman said. “I have never seen anything like that before.”

Gulzar said he shared his encounter with the other watchmen, but no one believed him; at least until another man said he saw the same thing.

The day after Gulzar’s sighting, another watchman, named Abdul Qayyum, was making his rounds when he said he saw the creature.

The two men claim the mysterious creature has killed 11 goats at the warehouse, and rumors have spread quickly—including claims that the beast is five feet tall and can jump 20 feet.

The sightings and their associated rumors have spread fear and panic among the traders, and, as a result, shops have been closing earlier than usual.

But not everyone believes the stories. At least one person who works at the flea market said that he thinks it's probably someone pulling a prank, and that there is no truth to the sightings.

Still others say it is something similar to Puerto Rico’s chupacabra.

"On my vacation to Puerto Rico back in 1997, [I] met a guy who described a similar incident [and] creature," one reader commented. "He said he heard his dogs barking like crazy and he grabbed his gun and opened his back door. At that moment he saw a creature with glowing red eyes perhaps five feet tall. It was hunched over clutching one of his chickens in it’s hands. He said the creature looked at him and he was unable to move, or fire his gun. He was paralyzed!!! He described [it] as the traditional chupacabra, it had spines going down its back and very large red glowing eyes. He said it then lept over the fence without any problem. Very similar to this incident and very disturbing."

Regardless, some traders have approached the Jahanabad police, asking for them to investigate the matter. Policeman Muzammil Shah said that authorities have so far received many sightings of the creature, and that they are investigating the matter.

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