'I Think I've Seen a UFO,' Says Ksenia Solo, Costar of 'Project Blue Book' TV Series

Solo plays Susie Miller in the series.  (A&E Television Networks)

Solo plays Susie Miller in the series. (A&E Television Networks)

Ksenia Solo, the actress who plays Susie Miller in the History Channel’s historical fiction series Project Blue Book, recently admitted in a July 22nd interview with MEA Worldwide that she thinks she’s “seen a UFO.”

"I am [a believer in aliens], I may or may not have seen some stuff so I'm definitely a believer," said Solo during the interview.

"I think I've seen a UFO," she continued. "It was about maybe nine months ago after I filmed the first season of the show. I was overseas, someone else was with me. Otherwise, if I had been by myself I totally would've thought I was imagining something. But I think I saw something in the sky."

Solo, who plays an undercover Russian spy on the show, said she “didn’t know much” about the real-life Project Blue Book prior to filming the series.

Project Blue Book was a government study on UFOs that ran from 1952 to 1969.

"I didn't know much," she said of the study. "I didn't know about 'Project Blue Book' specifically, so it's been really fun and fascinating to learn that there were 12,618 cases of reported sightings that the investigation recorded and explored. I've learned a lot and I'm really excited for the next season 'cause we're diving deeper into Roswell and Area 51, so we got some big stuff coming up now."

The History Channel series largely focuses on Dr. J. Allen Hynek, played by Aidan Gillan.

Dr. Hynek was a scientist and UFO investigator who was initially skeptical of the phenomenon when he signed on as a scientific consultant to the United States Air Force's Project Sign in 1948, but his opinion on the quality of evidence in favor of UFOs gradually shifted as he worked on projects like Sign and Blue Book.

He quickly grew frustrated with how flippantly his fellow scientists treated UFOs.

"Ridicule is not part of the scientific method, and people should not be taught that it is," Dr. Hynek wrote in  an article for the April 1953 issue of the Journal of the Optical Society of America titled Unusual Aerial Phenomena. "The steady flow of reports, often made in concert by reliable observers, raises questions of scientific obligation and responsibility. Is there...any residue that is worthy of scientific attention? Or, if there isn't, does not an obligation exist to say so to the public--not in words of open ridicule but seriously, to keep faith with the trust the public places in science and scientists?" 

Dr. Hynek went on to eventually found the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in 1973, and even presented a statement on UFOs to the United Nations General Assembly in 1978.

He remained a leader in the field of ufology until his death in 1986.

The Project Blue Book files are available online in the Blue Book Archive.

Season two of Project Blue Book on the History Channel will likely air beginning in January 2020.

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