Video of 'Hairy Man' Next to Lake Shared by 'True Horror Stories of Texas'

The circled creature was said to “resemble a hairy man.”  (True Horror Stories of Texas)

The circled creature was said to “resemble a hairy man.” (True Horror Stories of Texas)

A video posted to paranormal website True Horror Stories of Texas on July 19th is said to show a creature described by witnesses as resembling a “hairy man”. The video and accompanying description were posted under the title “Dog-like Humanoid Creature Caught On Camera”.

The footage was said to have been filmed six years ago, and delivered to the site, along with the witness testimony, by a man referred to only by his first name, Ruben.

This video comes to us from San Benito, TX, located in deep South Texas along the Texas-Mexico border. The video was captured six years ago. We spoke with a man named Ruben, he and his friend were fishing for some alligator gar in a small lake when they stumbled upon an unusual creature at the edge of the water. At first, they assumed it was just a dog. Suddenly, the creature stood up on its hind legs and appeared to resemble a hairy man. The fishermen react and the creature darts away back into the brush…Could this be a lycanthrope or maybe even the infamous sasquatch?

The video slowly pans along the lake, showing the shore in the background, until stopping on an indistinct creature crouched near the water.

“Okay, is that thing a dog or what?” a man can be heard asking another man in the video.

The two men react in surprise as the creature stands up on two legs, appearing to be a humanoid of some sort.

“I got it on video,” says the man.

Reactions to the video so far have been mixed; some have expressed belief that the creature could have been a bigfoot, while others expressed disappointment in the video’s quality.

"That looked like a bigfoot," one viewer commented. "Very rare to see something like that close to water. I think it was taking a drink."

"Why is it that we can take photos of a grain of sand on Mars but all footage of bigfoot or other strange critters are always out of focus and shaking?" asked another.

The poor videography can be easily explained, according to the Singular Fortean Society’s video analyst Emily Wayland.

“The video is bouncing because it’s handheld and they’re on a boat,” said Wayland. “It’s honestly pretty good for a six-plus-year-old camera.”

“It’s impossible to know if it was staged or not, but if it’s not, it’s a pretty compelling video,” she added. “The video is of better quality than we usually see, that’s for sure.”

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