'Ghost Hunters' TV Show Resurrected by A&E



Popular paranormal show Ghost Hunters is slated to reappear on television in 2019 after a three-year hiatus, with 20 new episodes ordered by cable network A&E.

The program originally aired on the SyFy channel and ran from 2004-2016.

Grant Wilson will once again play a prominent role as lead investigator, although this time without former partner Jason Hawes. Instead, the team will be co-led by contractor and firearms instructor Daryl Marston, along with hypnotherapist and parapsychologist Kristen Luman. Joining them will be paranormal technician Brandon Alvis, paranormal historian and site analyst Mustafa Gatollari, former Marine and current construction worker Brian Murray, and ghost hunter Richel Stratton.

The show promises to use "the most innovative technology available" to help normal, everyday people struggling with the paranormal—a departure from the accusations of 'paranormal tourism' that plagued the original Ghost Hunters' later seasons, and that is still a hot button issue in the industry today.

Ghost Hunters is one of five paranormal projects picked up recently by A&E; the others include reimaginings of Psychic Kids and Celebrity Ghost Stories, and new projects Trey the Texas Medium and the special The World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt—both of which are working titles and still in development.

“Paranormal worked really well for us in the past,” A&E Network executive VP and head of programming Elaine Frontain Bryant told The Hollywood Reporter. “It feels like it’s a time in the country where there’s a trend for people to be spiritual without being overly religious. I think paranormal programming can feed that, while being entertainment-forward.”

“We’ve ensured it’s going to please the die-hard fans,” Bryant added regarding the updated Ghost Hunters. “The show is about helping people. The original Ghost Hunters could have been on A&E back in the day. A lot of A&E programming is about searching for the truth and emotional closure. And you could say that for a lot of these shows.”

New episodes of Ghost Hunters will premiere on Wednesday, August 21st at 8 p.m. CST on A&E.

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