'South Fork Haunted House' Burns Down in Provo Canyon, Utah

Smoking ruins of “The South Fork Haunted House”.  (Spencer Cannon / Twitter)

Smoking ruins of “The South Fork Haunted House”. (Spencer Cannon / Twitter)

An abandoned home—known to locals as “The South Fork Haunted House”—has burned down, according to a press release published on June 16th by the Utah County Sheriff's Department.

Shortly after 8 a.m. this morning North Fork Fire Department responded to a report of a fire at an abandoned home on Shady Side Drive near South Fork Road in Provo Canyon. A Fire Investigator with the Utah County Fire Marshall’s Office also responded. They arrived to find the home fully engulfed in flames. This home is reported to have been abandoned for many years and a cause is unknown. Deputies with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office have responded previously to reports of people trespassing at the home which some referred to as “The South Fork Haunted House”. The cause of the fire is not yet known. There are some surveillance cameras in the area of the home that burned, and investigators will review those for evidence. When the fire is completely out those investigators will conduct a search for evidence that might help them determine the cause of the fire. It is not known if anyone was inside the home when the fire began or as it burned.

Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer with the sheriff's office, shared pictures of the ruined house to Twitter.

Information on the “haunted house” is scant, but nearby Rock Canyon has its own ghost story of a man who fell to death and whose spectral form now charges down the cliff face at impossible angles towards frightened hikers. The area is said to have seen more than a few untimely deaths—mostly climbers who’ve lost their grip and fell to the rocky canyon floor. These unfortunate occurrences reputedly contribute to the canyon’s ‘negative energies’.

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