Secureteam10 Temporarily Demonetized on YouTube

(Secureteam10 / YouTube)

(Secureteam10 / YouTube)

YouTube UFO channel Secureteam10 was recently demonetized by YouTube, according to a May 23rd post to the channel’s social media by its founder, Tyler Glockner.

Guys, this could be the end and I need your help...YouTube has just demonetized my ENTIRE channel for no reason, leaving me with no way to support myself, my family and keep the channel going. The nonsense reasoning they gave was due to "misleading thumbnails and tags" in my videos, but refuse to point to an exact video that has done it. This makes no sense, as every thumbnail and tag I use, relates directly to content in the video. Obviously I like to keep some mystery, but every channel does this. So here's how you can help.. If you have a Twitter account, I would ask that you PLEASE send a tweet to @TeamYoutube and @Youtube, asking them why they have done this to your friend @SecureTeam10. It would mean the world to me, otherwise I have no other option. Let's make a fuss and show YouTube that censorship isn't cool!

Reactions to the demonetization were mixed, with some decrying the “censorship” by YouTube, while others celebrated the punishment of what they see as a fraudulent source of news on UFOs.

"I'm mystified by those of you who applaud censorship," commented one person on social media.

"I think it's great he can't make money from lying anymore," said another. "He saturated YouTube with garbage stories that he created himself."

Still others argued that this was indicative of a move for mainstream sources to control the UFO narrative.

I think you guys don’t realize how serious this is. This is not about Secureteam10. This is about YouTube targeting channels that they feel match with their new guideline of “non conspiracy theories”, and the tag UFO is now in that guideline according with YouTube. Mark my words, it happened with him, it will happen with lots of other channels, even the very good and trusted ones.

Also, there is something else going on on YouTube. You search for UFO, and change the filter of your search to “today” or “this week” and check it out. Instead of showing UFO videos people posted recently, you will see all the UFO videos that YouTube wants you to watch, and those are from the mainstream media such as Fox News, CNN, etc...some are even from years ago, even [if] you filter your search with “this week”. Do it and see for yourself. All this is much bigger than Secureteam. Open your mind and eyes.

YouTube has argued for years that demonetization of certain channels is not censorship, but rather a necessary action taken to protect the brand image of their advertisers—many of whom wish not to be associated with anything that could be construed as controversial.

Secureteam10’s loyal fan base of over two million subscribers made their voices heard by tweeting directly to YouTube, and the channel’s ads were renewed by the afternoon of May 24th.

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