'Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality' Explores the High Strangeness of Alien Encounters in Witnesses' Own Words

(Lon Strickler)

(Lon Strickler)

Paranormal researcher and author Lon Strickler of the website Phantoms and Monsters recently released his latest book on unexplained phenomena, Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality. The book represents years of research by Strickler on the topic of alien encounters, and almost exclusively uses eyewitness accounts to present its case.

Strickler isn’t shy about his opinion of what is behind seemingly extraterrestrial contact with human beings.

The book’s summary by Strickler—which includes excerpts from the work itself—explains his thoughts on alien contact:

At some point in the distant past, the human species became part of a grand experiment. Earth’s evolving primate was selected by the Gods to be transformed into a being of their own design. There was no clear reason as to why this was occurring, but it would profoundly influence mankind into the present day.

Over the past decade, it had become increasingly apparent to me that we are not alone as a single intelligent species in the cosmic ocean. But it has also become apparent that our Earth and overall humanity have attracted the attention of non-terrestrial entities over many millennia. Our history is intertwined with extraterrestrial beings.

I truly believe that humans are a genetic extension of otherworldly races. I also believe that most of the alien entities that people encounter are biologically enhanced and evolved humans from our past and future. But we must always keep in mind; they do have an agenda. I believe that agenda is eventual technological and biological singularity. Human experiencers are providing us with actual accounts of alien abduction and close encounters. Their stories are important; giving us a real sense of this global phenomenon.

My premise may become more understandable as you read this book. The experiences described in the accounts are brutally forthright. Some readers may be shocked by the details. But then again, I don’t believe that you would want me to present the information in any manner that isn’t consistent with the experiencers' actual encounters.

By making his conclusion clear, Strickler has shown that this isn’t one of those books depending on some vague secret or promise of ‘disclosure’ to ensure sales—what’s important is how he came to believe what he does.

Alien Disclosure is laid out into thirteen chapters with titles like The Abduction Scenario, Not Human but Oddly Familiar, and The Message…and the Messengers. Each chapter is comprised mostly of eyewitness accounts, based on interviews conducted by Strickler.

“Please be aware that a few of the eyewitness accounts in this book are written by ordinary people. Some text has been changed; but in some instances, it’s been left unedited and as received," he says.

Strickler quickly establishes how important he feels the investigator/witness relationship to be.

I realized a long time ago that it’s best to listen to what people tell you, make detailed notes along the way, and then compare the information with other reports and known facts. This also includes being open-minded and initially giving the experiencer the benefit of doubt. When asking questions, it’s best to be brief in order to clarify their statement; otherwise, the witness may begin to include embellished information. After several decades of interviewing eyewitnesses, being able to separate the wheat from the chaff (or better yet, determining truth from bulls**t) becomes second nature. I have learned that a high percentage of witnesses actually believed they had a remarkable sighting or an unexplained encounter. They took the time to trust you with their information, which is an important factor to consider.

The information laid out in each chapter is straightforward, with minimal exposition by Strickler. While he does explain his opinion on the cases presented, it’s clear that he prefers to let the witnesses do most of the talking.

The cases themselves run the gamut from ‘typical’ abduction scenarios to reptilian beings in Vietnam to a strange, threatening message received by numerous researchers and experiencers from an ostensibly alien intelligence. It’s a wild ride, and the reader will be forgiven if they sometimes find it difficult to suspend their disbelief. Strickler is trading on his credibility as a researcher here, and even if one doesn’t agree with his conclusions, it’s clear from his work and how he presents it that his views are authentic to his beliefs.

Strickler’s writing style is very approachable, almost conversational, and at 194 pages the book is a leisurely read—but one that can be referenced time and again. There’s value in this work; in its information for researchers, its entertainment for fans of the unusual, and, perhaps most importantly, in its support of those whose experiences have isolated them from the mainstream. This work will resonate with anyone who has witnessed the impossible, and it’s easy to be thankful that there are people like Strickler out there telling these stories on behalf of those who had to live them.

Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality is available now on Amazon.

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