Video Showing 'Ghost' Rustling Sheets on Sleeping Man's Bed Likely Has Simple Explanation

The blanket’s motion could be explained by the man rolling over in bed.  (@shyannrachael / Twitter)

The blanket’s motion could be explained by the man rolling over in bed. (@shyannrachael / Twitter)

A woman shared a video to her Twitter account last month which appears to show a mysterious force pulling the covers on her father’s bed.

The woman said that the video was taken due to her father feeling “his sheets being messed with and someone sitting on his bed in the night”.

"My parents collect I think they brought something in to the house with an attachment," she said.

The video was shot with a motion-activated home security camera, and shows a man rolling over in bed, while the bed cover simultaneously billows out at the other end.

The action of the man moving his hand down while rolling over may have moved air trapped under the blanket to the other end of the bed, resulting in the billowing shown in the video.

"Looks like the dad is wrapped in a sheet and when he throws the covers off he moves his arm down. Just looks like a head but it isn't," responded one viewer.

Alternatively, others believe it’s the man’s feet moving the blanket.

The woman tagged Zak Bagans of popular ghost hunting show Ghost Adventures in the tweet, leading some to believe the video was faked for attention.

Viewers of the video questioned the camera’s placement, asking why it wasn’t placed at a more favorable angle.

"Just curious as to why you didn't place the camera on that dresser at the foot of the bed?" another viewer asked. "You would have captured the entire bed and it would be more overlooking the bed. Being placed where it was, can't be sure if all this movement wasn't just your dad."

Viewers of the video were anxious to see if the phenomenon would repeat itself from a better angle, but in the meantime, it does appear to have a simple explanation.

"Well, if this is paranormal, it isn't going to just stop because you posted this video, so tell him to place it on that dresser from now on," said the viewer who questioned the camera’s placement.

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