Turkish Airlines Pilot Captures Cell Phone Footage of UFO During Flight

A still image taken from Atilla Senturk's cell phone footage, with the suspected UFO circled in red.  (T24 / YouTube)

A still image taken from Atilla Senturk's cell phone footage, with the suspected UFO circled in red. (T24 / YouTube)

Turkish Airlines pilot Atilla Senturk recorded cell phone footage of an unidentified flying object during a flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Cologne, Germany on May 10th. The pilot shared the footage to social media, and the story was picked up by Turkish news outlet T24.

"The cockpit has a view of the whole horizon from the left window," Senturk said. "On the Cologne flight we saw an incredibly bright celestial body at high altitude. It was not a satellite or a star. Then it disappeared at an incredible speed. It was very close to us and very bright despite the sun. I have never seen anything flying so fast."

Cabin supervisor Efsun Selin Sezer and First Officer Özgür Erdaş also reportedly witnessed the object.

Senturk’s footage is just the latest in a slew of recent reports from commercial pilots.

A radio broadcast from February of 2018 contained a conversation between two airline pilots and an air traffic controller that took place while the pilots were witnessing an unknown object flying overhead in Arizona. In November of that year the pilot of British Airways flight #BA94 out of Montreal contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control in Ireland, and described how "a very bright light" came up alongside the aircraft to its left before it "rapidly veered to the north" and "disappeared at very high speed."

And so far in 2019, Air Midwest—a flight training and aviation service company—released information in February detailing a series of strange lights spotted by two of their aircraft south of Gloucester, England. While in March, an air ambulance helicopter pilot reportedly spotted "some sort of object over the Southern Hills area" of Las Vegas that was only visible through his night vision goggles.

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