Video of 'Flying Gargoyle' Making Rounds on Social Media Was Created by CGI Production Company

A still image from the video.  (Image credit: JJPD Productions / YouTube)

A still image from the video. (Image credit: JJPD Productions / YouTube)

A video that purports to show an eyewitness filming a bizarre winged creature from their car has been identified as the creation of JJPD Productions, the brainchild of two Nicaraguan brothers who specialize in "videos with special effects, videos of paranormal encounters, fiction short films, Tales of Terror and more."

The video has been edited by some to remove any identifying images associated with the production company, and presented as ‘real’ footage of an anomalous being. Shown above is the original version produced by JJPD Productions, while below is a modified version.

JJPD has been clear about the fact that the content of their videos is not to be mistaken for real events, and is meant exclusively for entertainment.

According to the video description: “These are paranormal videos created by us to entertain. All the images shown are fiction. CGI Video (Computer Generated Image) Creation of the creature and Video Editing: Jose Joaquin Perez Animation and Editing: Jimmy Jose Perez."

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