Witness Reports 1993 Encounter with Shapeshifting 'Shadowy Man' near Location of Indiana 'Mothman' Sightings


The Singular Fortean Society was contacted through their website on February 27th by a man who said he and a friend had seen a “shadowy man” transform into “a big, black shadowy cat-like creature” after suddenly appearing out of a “flash of bright light.”

The following sounds crazy, but I promise it happens exactly as described. My wonder is if anyone has ever reported something similar. Years ago a friend, myself, and my collie were sitting in my driveway around 11 p.m. just BSing on a summer night. Suddenly my dog began to go crazy and beg to go inside. Then, across the street, there was a quick flash of bright light and a shadowy man stepped out of the light. The man turned to look at us, and as he/it did, it went down on all fours and went from a shadowy man to a big, black shadowy cat-like creature. There was another flash of light and it was gone. During the event neither one of us spoke, but afterwards I looked at him and said "do you want to go inside," he said "yes," and so we did. Inside we took turns describing the event to each other and both of us saw the exact same thing. Years later i ran into this friend again and he still remembers every detail exactly the same. No drugs or alcohol were involved nor had either of us tried any of that yet. It was clear as day and i remember every detail like it was yesterday. I know we saw something, I am wondering if anyone knows what it was.

After initial contact with the witness, subsequent communication was done via email due to the witness’ schedule.

The witness described a profound feeling of "nothingness" prior to the experience.

“It was very still, like described before a tornado hits," he said. "The only one affected prior to it appearing was my collie, Rocky. He went [expletive deleted] nuts running from us to the side door, begging to go inside. Rocky was older and never acted that way. He would sometimes stay out all day or night just doing his thing. After it happens and we went in, that dog laid next to us or at our feet and never budged."

"A light breeze was blowing but had stopped prior to [the event]," he added. "No crickets, cicadas, when I say nothing I mean NOTHING. It was as if everything else knew something was up."

According to the witness, this sighting took place in Richmond, Indiana, at around 11 p.m., in either the 3rd or 4th week of June, 1993; he was not sure of the exact day.

Richmond is about 35 miles southeast of the Prairie Creek Reservoir; the site of a series of reports involving flying humanoids and glowing orbs. Indiana has seen a recent spate of such reports, not only near the reservoir, but also surrounding the city of Gary. Strange activity reported out of Gary, a city of over 75,000 that sits on the shore of Lake Michigan, includes sightings of both flying humanoids and gigantic pterodactyls.

"As for other strange occurrences in the area, we had typical small, Midwestern town stories," the witness said. "My friends and I used to go and look for supernatural occurrences. We had quite a few, but it was high school and most could probably be chalked up to group hysterics."

If you have witnessed a seemingly impossible event, please reach out through the Singular Fortean Society’s contact page to submit a report.

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