Witness Reports Anomalous 'Balls of Light' near Location of Indiana's Prairie Creek Reservoir 'Mothman' Sightings


The Singular Fortean Society recently corresponded through a series of emails with a man who said he had witnessed “many balls of light” in a rural area of Indiana near Prairie Creek Reservoir.

Prairie Creek Reservoir has been the center of a recent string of reports that describe sightings of a winged humanoid in the region.

“I’m about seven miles from [the Prairie Creek Reservoir],” the witness said. “I’ve seen many balls of light in this area, from Farmland towards Muncie.”

“They are intelligent,” he continued. “I’ve seen them react…change color, move, or shut off.”

The 51-year-old man stated that his family moved to the area in 1979, and his first sighting of a glowing orb in the area was in the summer of 1981, when he was 12.

"It was a clear summer night sky," he said. "I saw an orange/amber colored ball of light about 20 feet above the trees. It started towards me slowly so I ran in and got my mom, when we came back out it was over our trees. The actual size is hard to say but I'd guess three feet across. It was totally silent, and it moved off to the west out of sight behind the trees."

"Funny thing, probably the summer before, I used to blink one of those old flash lights with the switch and button into the sky," he added.

Since his initial sighting in ‘81, the witness said he’s had a number of sightings of strange glowing orbs in the area, as recently as 2016.

"I'm guessing I’ve seen them eight or so times where they were either red or orange, and maybe three to four where they were white," he said. "The last time was a few years back [in the summer of 2016]. I was driving east coming home at night, when I spotted an orb that was orange, and it seemed like a second one right next to it was changing back and forth from red to orange and dimming to dark and back. So I got to my road turning south and I came to a stop to watch. The car window was down, so I fumbled with my phone to hit record...snap, gone."

The sightings occurred in the area south of and between Parker City and Farmland, near Windsor, and align themselves with a 2,000-year-old Native American burial plot in the shape of an oval that covers an acre of land. To the west of the sightings and the mound, in a nearly straight line, lie the Prairie Creek Reservoir and Mounds State Park.

The line formed by these sightings and the associated landmarks is less than 200 miles north of the 37th Parallel, known as the United States' 'UFO Highway.' Stretching from Santa Cruz, California to the Chesapeake Bay, this area is known for UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, and other anomalous phenomena.

Certain researchers suspect the 37th Parallel to run along a powerful ley line—paths drawn between landmarks that some believe represent a natural energy unrecognized by modern science.

"I know things are found along ley lines," said the witness. "Since the Mothman sighting at Prairie Creek, that makes a rough line from there to here and also Mounds State Park."

As far as what he believes the orbs might be, the witness, who identifies as a Christian, could say only that he does not believe they are any technology known to man.

“I know what the various things at night look like,” he said. "As to what I think is behind the orbs...I believe they are a part of the spiritual or supernatural realm. [They] do things aircraft or pilots could never do.”

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