North Carolina Woman Reports 1986 Encounter with 'Human-Like Winged Creature'

A sketch of the creature.  (Image credit: Bet Dotson)

A sketch of the creature. (Image credit: Bet Dotson)

The Singular Fortean Society recently spoke to a North Carolina woman who said she was chased by a “human-like winged creature” in 1986.

Bet Dotson told investigator Tobias Wayland that she was on her way to Silverstone, North Carolina to visit her sister when she encountered the bird-like entity.

“I was driving a VW Beetle to visit with my sister in Silverstone, which is off Highway 421,” she said. “I was around 18 years old at the time.”

A photo of Dotson’s VW Beetle taken shortly after the incident.  (Image credit: Bet Dotson)

A photo of Dotson’s VW Beetle taken shortly after the incident. (Image credit: Bet Dotson)

“I stopped at a stop sign off 421 where my headlights were shining directly on a barn straight ahead,” continued Dotson. “I saw this winged, human-like creature running alongside the front of the barn. It was around six to seven feet tall, dark, [with] two arms, two legs, and huge wings.”

Dotson described the creature as “part bird, part man,” and said it appeared to be wearing “combat boots.”

"It freaked me out!" she added.

Dotson sped away, only to discover the creature had given chase.

"I made a left turn and sped up, questioning what the heck I was seeing," she said. "I heard wings flapping, looked into my driver side mirror and could see this thing almost on top of my car following me. It kept up with my speed which I would estimate at about 45 to 50 mph on a very curvy two lane road. It followed behind and beside my vehicle for several miles."

The winged being seemingly attacked her vehicle as she fled, during which time the car’s electrical system was drained—a phenomenon commonly reported by witnesses of UFOs.

"My VW engine was sputtering and seemingly the battery was being drained. The headlights dimming as I nervously rounded curves," Dotson said. "This winged thing was flying over and pretty much clinging to the driver’s side of my car. It was hitting my car. It was smacking into it."

"I didn’t understanding why he was on the drivers side hitting my car," she continued. "Like I felt he was trying to get inside my vehicle. He was trying to get to me."

A sketch of the winged being chasing Dotson’s car.  (Image credit: Bet Dotson)

A sketch of the winged being chasing Dotson’s car. (Image credit: Bet Dotson)

Dotson doesn’t remember what happened immediately after the attack, and said that she later came to—still behind the wheel and driving—after four hours of missing time.

"I had missing time after rounding several curves," she said. "I don’t know why or what happened after those curves, but I was further puzzled and lost. I saw a sign that read Camp Joy and I had no clue how I got off of my normal route. How did I get over here?"

Although she had left for her sister's around 8 p.m., it was after midnight by the time she returned home.

"When I got home and realized what the time was I was further puzzled. The trip that generally took no more than 20 minutes to see my sister had taken 4 hours," said Dotson.

"I was absolutely scared sick," she added. "When I finally made it back home I was in tears."

A few years prior to this event, Dotson said she had seen a shadowy figure with a “bird face” and “weird grin” while sitting at home in bed reading a book. She saw a shadow cross her hallway before the “thing” peered around the doorway into her room. She sat frozen in fear and the creature left without further incident.

That incident followed one in 1981 wherein Dotson awoke around 2 a.m. to a bright light flooding her room.

“I thought the mountain was on fire!” she said.

She looked out her window and saw a cigar-shaped craft emitting twin beams of light, the sight of which left her paralyzed. Afterwards she said she suffered from symptoms of shock and fatigue, and that her body temperature was much higher than normal for some time following the event.

Dotson said that she has suffered from multiple abduction experiences, but doesn’t like to talk about all of them out of fear that the entities involved will seek retribution.

As for the winged creature(s) she saw, Dotson thinks those encounters could be related to UFO lore involving reptilians and hybrid experiments.

"Many people have asked me what I think I encountered—demon, mothman, and so forth. I think I encountered a half bird, half man experiment," she explained. "Winged creatures are somewhat fallen angel/Draconian. Some of them are experiments."

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