Roswell 'UFO' Crash Site Sold to New Owners


The land outside of Roswell, New Mexico made famous by the UFO crash that reportedly took place there in 1947 was sold by the company that owned it to a cattle company near the end of 2018, reported the Roswell Daily Record.

A deed filed with the Lincoln County Clerk's Office shows the 78-acre crash site property was transferred from Bogle Ltd. Co. to the Dinwiddie Cattle Co. on November 26th, 2018.

The purchase was part of a larger land deal made by Dinwiddie Cattle Co. for the company’s cattle ranching operations.

New owner Tommy Dinwiddie is unsure at this time exactly how to handle the land's ufological legacy.

“I just don’t know a whole lot about it,” Dinwiddie said. “The guy who is running the ranch over there for me knows quite a bit about it, and after we kind of get our feet on the ground running it, we will do some more talking about it and figuring out what we want to do.”

The previous owners hosted tours only once in their 66 years of ownership, during the 2018 UFO Festival held in nearby Roswell. Prior to that event, only researchers and documentary filmmakers had been granted access to the property.

The land was part of the J.B. Foster ranch in 1947, when debris of unknown origin was found there by foreman William Brazel sometime between mid-June and early July.

On July 8th, Roswell Army Air Field public information officer Walter Haut issued a press release stating that personnel from the 509th Operations Group had recovered a "flying disc" after it crashed on the ranch—a claim that was retracted the next day when the official story was changed to say the wreckage came from a balloon.

Interest in the event faded for decades until the late 1970s when nuclear physicist and ufologist Stanton Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel. Major Marcel was the field's intelligence officer and the only person known to have accompanied the Roswell wreckage from the crash site to Fort Worth where the balloon debris was shown to reporters—a fact that has fueled conspiracy theories claiming the ‘real’ wreckage was exchanged for balloon debris as part of a cover-up.

Since then, Roswell has become one of ufology’s most famous cases, investigated and written about by researchers such as William Moore, Karl T. Pflock, Kevin D. Randle, Donald R. Schmitt, and, of course, Stanton Friedman.

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