Former Baseball Star Jose Canseco Tweets about Time Travel and Alien Intervention

Jose Canseco won two World Series during his twenty-year career.  (Image credit: Google)

Jose Canseco won two World Series during his twenty-year career. (Image credit: Google)

Former outfielder and designated hitter Jose Canseco tweeted a series of strange messages on January 30th which presented his belief in time travel and alien life.

"We are in communication with aliens with a very flexible body composition called the AI51," he began.

"These aliens are going to teach us how to try and travel the brain can physically travel without the body," Canseco continued. "Aliens have been trying to teach us how to time travel but first we have to change our body composition which we are not willing to do we have tried with animals and it has failed."

"Time travel puts 42,651 pounds of pressure on a human skeletal structure.... can you detach the brain from the body and equalize the pressure it could be done," he asserted.

"Our science is totally irrelevant to aliens," added Canseco.

Canseco has led a controversial life in the spotlight after leaving baseball, including stints on reality television shows The Surreal Life and Celebrity Apprentice, and a string of celebrity boxing matches—one of which saw Canseco sued for breech of contract after he attempted to substitute his twin brother for himself in the ring.

Some suspect that the strange social media posts presented by Canseco most recently could be part of an attempt to market himself, since the day after posting the initial tweets he began advertising the opportunity to “hang out” with him, play golf, and "learn about aliens and time traveling."

However, Canseco has a history of tweeting about unusual phenomena, such as his brief disappearance from Twitter in April of 2012 which he explained by posting “Some aliens deleted my [account]."

An explanation that was immediately amended by the since-deleted tweet "I actually died over night and came back to life now i am a vampire and you are my apprentice."

And in August of 2012 Canseco tweeted "Yes time travel is possible. Will explain later."

Perhaps later is now.

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