New York Artist Takes Credit for Georgia 'Sea Monster'

The apparently hoaxed ‘monster.’  (Image credit: Jeff Warren)

The apparently hoaxed ‘monster.’ (Image credit: Jeff Warren)

Mysterious New York–based artist and self-identified "myth-maker" Zardulu is claiming responsibility for the strange sea creature found washed ashore in Georgia's Wolf Island Wildlife Refuge last March, according to a profile of the artist by Vice.

The unidentified corpse was created using a taxidermied shark with added papier-mâché elements, and then left on the shore to be found, claimed the artist.

Zardulu explained that she named the piece Ketos Troias, after an Ancient Greek myth wherein Heracles guts the sea creature Ketos with a fish hook.

"Darien [a city close to where the 'creature' was found] is the home of a great American legend of the Altamaha-ha, I wanted to breathe some new life into and incorporate it into my larger narrative," she said. "The slaying of the Ketos Troias is symbolic of a triumph over the frightening creatures in both the ocean of my unconscious, of yours, of all of ours. That's why it was such a compelling story."

The piece will reportedly be on display next month at TRANSFER gallery's Triconis Aeternis: Rites and Mysteries; Zardulu's first solo exhibit.