Mysterious 'Alien' Photograph Found in Virginia Farmer's Market

The mystery photo had a cryptic message written on the back.  (Image courtesy of witness)

The mystery photo had a cryptic message written on the back. (Image courtesy of witness)

A man found an unusual photograph taped under a storm drain while visiting a farmer's market in the Washington D.C. suburb of Reston, Virginia last weekend.

"It was taped under [the storm drain] and I noticed the alien facing up," the man said in a thread on Reddit to which he had posted the photograph. "Nothing else was found, just the picture."

The photograph, pictured above, shows a small being of some sort floating in an unidentified amber liquid.

On the back of the photograph was written a cryptic message:

Sterling Park Fallen Angel 90

Andrews AFB Staff Sgt Luke [unidentified pictogram]

1st Asst. with recovery efforts back in 73

NOTICE VA. shaped on pic

'Fallen Angel' was reportedly used as a code word to describe the downed UFO recovered from its crash site near Laredo, Texas in 1948; the number 90 might represent the date 1990, since another line more clearly uses the same format to represent 1973--also of note is that the UFO said to have crashed outside of Laredo had a reported diameter of 90'.

Sterling Park is another suburb of Washington D.C., and is approximately 40 miles northwest of Joint Base Andrews; Andrews Air Force Base merged with Naval Air Facility Washington to form the joint base in 2009. A Staff Sgt. Luke Postma does serve at the base, where he is a water and fuel system maintenance craftsman with the 11th Civil Engineering Squadron.

It's not clear who is being referenced in the third line, but it would seem to be referring to a possible UFO crash retrieval in 1973.

The last line could be simply pointing out the damage to the photo in the bottom center that resembles the shape of Virginia.

The image does appear to have been shot with a film camera, but otherwise very little is known about its origin, beyond what the man who found it was able to determine.

The fact it was taped to the storm drain would seem to indicate that it was deliberately placed there.

The Singular Fortean Society contacted the witness to ask for permission to share the image, quote him from the thread, and ask a little more about his experiences with the paranormal.

"I had quite a lot [of paranormal experiences] in my life," he said. "When I was a kid, me and my friends messed a lot with demonic stuff. Like trying to summon the devil."

Reactions from the UFO community have so far been skeptical, with some speculating that the photograph was deliberately placed where someone would find it as a prank.

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Tobias Wayland