Texas Woman Tells Harrowing Tale of Missing Time and Terrifying Visitations

A still image of the being that ran across the woman's stairway. 

A still image of the being that ran across the woman's stairway. 

Update 8/24/18: This story is confirmed as a hoax.

A woman recently recounted a series of unusual incidents that occurred in her home near Lucas, Texas this month.

The Singular Fortean Society (TSFS) contacted the woman and was given permission to share her story and evidence.

"Well it started [August 8th]," she said. "I have this overwhelming feeling I'm being watched and followed. I keep seeing things in the corner of my eye but nothing is there. I am losing time...like I can't remember half the day, usually at night."

She also said she has been hearing noises like "scratching" and "metal grinding" within her home.

And then she woke up with a strange mark on her back.

The unusual mark found on her back.

The unusual mark found on her back.

"I woke up with a debilitating headache and no memory of the night before," she said. "I thought it was just stress from raising my daughter on my own and moved on. Then again, I woke up with a headache and no memory of the day before, except this time it was 14 hours of 'lost' time. I thought there has to be something wrong with me and that’s when I found it. A strange mark on my back."

"It doesn't hurt, just itches," she said of the mark.

Following that incident, she was awoken one night by strange noises coming from downstairs and grabbed her phone to record the source of the disturbance.

"I went hunting for information and was told to record and document everything," she said.

"So when I was woken up by noises coming from downstairs, I grabbed my phone and recorded something in the house. It terrified me to no end, I ran into my daughter's room and locked the door," recounted the woman.

She called the police, but said they were of no help.

"[I called] the police who turned out to be no help, sadly," she said. "They just looked at me like I was crazy and said they could not find any signs of forced entry or anything out of the ordinary. Yes, even after I showed them the video. I was told to call again if anything else happens. I don’t own any pets so something was definitely in the house."

"[The police said] I must have left a door unlocked," the woman said. "I am sure I locked it. So I have ordered a bunch of cameras to put around the house. Will catch whatever or whoever is getting in."

Whoever or whatever is in the video can be seen running upright across the bottom of the stairs, but beyond that there are few details.

"It was dark so I didn't see any more than this," the witness said. "I do know it was upright, so not an animal. It's possible this is the reason I have had the 'being watched' feeling but I haven't seen this before."

Soon after, on the evening of August 15th, the woman was recording her daughter as she practiced a dance routine. After watching the video, she said her daughter noticed something strange in the window behind her as she danced.

An inhuman face appeared in the upper right portion of the window inset in the door behind her.

"I was filming my daughter practice her dancing for dance class the [day after recording the prior video]," the woman said. "We have done this many times, as she likes watching them. She says it makes her look like a princess. Only this time she said something else. While watching the video she asked 'What is that mommy?' To my horror was someone or something watching us."

An enlarged still image of the face.

An enlarged still image of the face.

The woman isn't sure what's behind the phenomena, but she is disturbed by the series of events.

"I don’t know if this is someone messing with me and my daughter or something else entirely," she said. "I do know that the feeling I get from all this is that it is not natural."

The woman told TSFS that she showed her coworkers the video of the shadowy entity running in her house, but that it was dismissed as a prank.

"I showed them the first video with the thing in the house," she said. "They said it was a prank from someone and basically shrugged it off. It very well could be I don't know. So I didn't push it further, didn't see the point."

She is a single mother with no immediate family to turn to for support, but said she will likely contact an investigative organization such as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) to assist her.

"[My husband] left for work [two years ago] and that was it," she said. "No signs of anything violent but also no idea where he went. I think he just left us. I don't know why, so it's hard with no closure."

"I didn't know who [MUFON was] till someone told me, and no, I haven't contacted them yet, but I plan on it," she said.

The woman has decided to stay with her daughter in a hotel for a few days until she can decide what further course of action to take.

She did recently question her daughter about any strange experiences she may have had recently, and was disturbed by the answer she received.

"I did decide to talk to my daughter about this," she said. "I asked 'Have you seen anything in the house?' She responded 'Yeah, I don't like them looking at me.' [I was] shocked and hoping she was talking about the video. I asked 'Where do you see them?' She replied 'In my room.' This isn't funny anymore."

So far, opinions in the paranormal community are mixed as to the veracity of the woman's story. Some suspect that it could be a viral marketing campaign for a movie or video game, while others are suspicious of a Stan Romanek-style attention grab. Skeptics have pointed to the woman's Twitter page and compared it to other viral marketing seen in the past, but her insistence on anonymity would seem to rule out a scenario similar to what the community saw with Stan Romanek, at least so far. The face in the window has been compared to the Silence from Doctor Who, and some think that it could be a mask worn or held outside of the glass.

Still others are convinced of her sincerity, and argue that even if the events are not themselves paranormal, she and her daughter could be the victims of a malicious prank--although believers certainly aren't ruling out a supernatural explanation. Speculation so far has ranged from aliens to demons as possible causes of the phenomena.

The woman has agreed to provide TSFS with whatever corroborating documents she has to support her story, and they will be published as they are received.

Update 8/22/18:

A live video was uploaded at 9:12 p.m. on August 19th to the woman's Twitter account. The video appears to show the woman being assaulted in her room by what looks like a man, based on the assailant's build. 

This still from the video shows a clearly humanoid assailant.

This still from the video shows a clearly humanoid assailant.

This still shows a more distinct arm, and pants that appear to be rolled at the bottom.

This still shows a more distinct arm, and pants that appear to be rolled at the bottom.

It is unclear if the audience was meant to recognize the home invader as being most likely a human male.

There were no further tweets until several days later on August 22nd, when two cryptic messages were posted to the account within a short time of each other.

"Don't trust ANYONE!" read the first, followed by "They don't want you to know."

The woman is no longer responding to The Singular Fortean Society's requests for information, which, in combination with the provocative tweets, points to her story being a hoax.

The impetus behind the hoax's manufacture is still unknown, but most speculation at this point is that it is part of a marketing campaign--likely for a movie, considering the date of 12/6/18 embedded in the anonymous woman's social media handle. The date could be the release date for an upcoming film.

Tobias Wayland