Paranormal Investigator Claims to Have Discovered 'Time Warp' in Nevada


Paranormal researcher Joshua Warren said at the end of June he found a 'time warp' on the outskirts of Las Vegas in Nevada.

Warren found the anomaly while measuring the rate of time in Southern Nevada between Las Vegas and Area 51.

The discovery was made possible through a piece of new technology recently invented by Silicon Valley engineer Ron Heath, known as a DT Meter, which stands for differential time rate meter. The meter is connected to a 100-foot cable with a sensor on one end that sends back a signal. 

“The weird thing, the real holy grail here, was what we picked up with this brand-new piece of technology,” Warren said in an interview with a local Fox affiliate in Las Vegas.

“That signal is always supposed to travel at the same rate of time at any particular place. The only way that could change is if a black hole approached earth or something like that, which is never supposed to happen,” Warren said. “At this spot, on June 18 of 2018, I actually measured for the first and only time, time itself slowing down for 20 microseconds.”

This should be impossible by our current understanding of physics, said Warren.

“That shouldn’t happen unless there is some kind of unknown technology being tested nearby that would influence the environment, or if there are naturally places around planet earth that actually sort of flicker once in a while, that warp a little bit,” he said.

The researcher correlated the time anomaly with sightings of UFOs in the area. Top secret military base Area 51 is roughly 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas, and the desert surrounding it is famous for sightings of UFOs. Although the base is a well-known site for the testing of cutting-edge aircraft, it has also been long-speculated to hold extraterrestrial technology.

“I think it's really interesting when you consider that this site where we got this reading, showing this time anomaly, also happens to be one of the most popular UFO hotspots in the area,” Warren said.

This discovery serves to raise a number of questions, according to Warren.

“The big question at this point is not whether or not we have these anomalies, but what's causing them? Is this something natural that gives us a window a gateway into another world or another level of reality? Or is this the byproduct of some kind of weird technology, be it something secret and man-made or something that's extraterrestrial?” he said.

Warren said that he will continue to measure the time rate around Las Vegas in an effort to discern any patterns.

Tobias Wayland