Giant 'Dire Wolf' Attacking Dog Video from 2015 Resurfaces


A video of what appears to be an enormous wolf attacking a man's dog has once again been making the rounds on social media.

The video, originally posted to Deep Bush Survival's YouTube channel in 2015, shows a giant black wolf rise out of the underbrush and chase a domestic dog. The dog at first runs and then itself charges the wolf, at which point the wolf seems to attack, vicious barking is heard, and the video cuts out as the man lowers the camera and begins to yell.

Tyler Pollard posted the 'official story' in the video's comments section.

I work as a fishing guide in northern Saskatchewan and I shot this video on one of our trails around the lodge.We get a lot of bears that come around the lodge but this year we had a black wolf that started to come around for a few days.

We spotted the wolf through the window of the kitchen in the lodge and I made my way outside with the camera. The lodge manager Dan went for the shotgun. When I started to take pictures the wolf left, then returned a few minutes later and that's when Trigger took after the wolf.

The wolf waited for Trigger to turn away from him and that's when he grabbed the dog in the back end and threw her up in the air right in front of me. Dan shot the shotgun into the air and that broke the fight up. The wolf turned and left, we followed the wolf into the bush and shot again to scare him off. The wolf came back two more times that day looking for the dog we think. Trigger had a few good wounds and cuts but she is fine now.

The video, which originally enjoyed almost 200,000 views on the Deep Bush Survival channel, has reached almost a million since being posted to the cryptozoology-focused YouTube channel Nv Tv.

Nv Tv described the animal as a "HUGE Black Wolf/Werewolf/Dogman like creature," which could help explain its renewed popularity. 

Dogman has seen increased interest in the media in 2018, since an unusual-looking wolf was shot and killed on a ranch in Montana last May.

That animal was later identified as a grey wolf by the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

Tobias Wayland