Radio Host in Michigan Films 'Haunted' Lights in Closed Toys 'R' Us


Radio host Rob Sparks with Mix 95.7 in Grand Rapids, Michigan said he was driving past a closed Toys 'R' Us retail location on July 4th when he noticed strange flashing lights within the store.

 "I drove by to get some food and noticed something flashing in the store," Sparks said in a blog post for the station. "It seemed weird, but only because the store had closed and it was a holiday; were people really still cleaning out the store?"

He later returned after eating to find the baffling phenomenon continued. Sparks was able to record a video of the event, which he posted to Snapchat and Instagram.

"After I ate, I drove back by and noticed the lights were still flashing," he explained. "So we pulled in the parking lot and that's when we noticed it was all the checkout lights--the signs that say what lane number--flashing in a random sequence...without ANYONE around!"

After posting the video to social media, Sparks said he was told the store had a reputation for being haunted.

"I posted the video to my Snapchat and Instagram story and almost immediately got a message reading 'No joke. People say that Toys R Us is hella haunted,'" Sparks said. "Which I completely believe - especially after seeing the lights flashing inside."

All Toys 'R' Us retail locations were closed on Friday, June 29th, following the corporation declaring bankruptcy.

Tobias Wayland