San Antonio Cafe Captures 'Ghost' on Film


The OnLive Hall of Fame Cafe in San Antonio, Texas was closed last Thursday following a mysterious event caught on one of the eatery's security cameras.

The footage was posted to Facebook by owner April Ward on the evening of June 20th.  The timestamp on the video shows it was shot just before 1 a.m. that morning.

"Here is what our video captured last night," Ward captioned the video. "That look like a kid playing and knocking over the rope display. I'm shocked it's real. This is an actual clip from my video camera...look at the image on the right side."

Ward told News 4 San Antonio that the decision was made to close the cafe on Thursday to keep people safe following the concerning activity. A barricade can be seen in the video as it is knocked violently to the ground.

"We are closed today to make sure everyone is safe," Ward said. 

"I still get chills, my husband won't come in here," she explained. "It's weird, it's crazy."

The cafe posted to its Facebook page that it will reopen today, saying that "leading paranormal investigators have deemed our ghostly visitor to be friendly!"

"We will definitely reopen [Monday] to reinvite [sic] everyone out to join and hear the actual recording taken that night," Onlive Hall of Fame Cafe posted to social media. "And enjoy a great old fashion ghost float."

Tobias Wayland