Dave Schrader Takes Over as Host of 'Midnight in the Desert'


Dave Schrader, longtime host of Darkness Radio (now Beyond the Darkness), replaced Heather Wade yesterday as host of paranormal talk radio show Midnight in the Desert

Wade was reportedly absent from her duties as host following the death of Art Bell, and would not allow guest hosts to fill in for her.

Keith Rowland, owner and operator of the network that hosts Midnight in the Desert, sent an email to subscribers explaining the reason for the change.

Dear fellow Time Travelers,

I’m sorry to report, that Heather has chosen not to produce a show or provide a capable fill-in host. In addition, she has taken away any chance of us getting our own fill-in host. This makes it impossible to have live shows in the interim, which most of you have requested.

Consequently, MITD is seeking a replacement host, which is the only option we have to move forward with Art Bell's legacy. I believe I can pull this off by next Monday. I’m excited by the candidates on the short list and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I hope all of you enjoyed my tribute to Art Bell shows these last few days. I enjoyed putting them together.

Your hard-working servant, Keith

Schrader has been a popular guest host on Coast to Coast AM for years, in addition to his full-time duties on Darkness Radio, and fan reactions to the change have been largely supportive.   

Rowland recently took to Twitter to express his appreciation of the support he has received following his decision to bring Schrader on as the new host.

Midnight in the Desert airs live Monday through Friday at 11 p.m. CST on the Dark Matter Digital Network.

Tobias Wayland