UK Paranormal Investigator Captures Strange Mist on Film

A still image from the video, which shows the mist as it moves across the right side of the screen.

A still image from the video, which shows the mist as it moves across the right side of the screen.

United Kingdom paranormal investigator and personal trainer Tony Ferguson published a video to his YouTube channel, Tony Ferguson Ghost Hunts, on April 27th that appears to show a strange mist moving quickly towards the camera.  Ferguson said he captured the footage while investigating the 800-year-old cemetery at St. Mary's Church in Hampshire, England. 

The mist materializes at 3:26 into the video. 

Ferguson said he decided to investigate the cemetery after people expressed concern to him about a 'negative presence' felt while visiting their loved ones' graves.

“I don’t usually investigate cemeteries. I don’t believe that just because people are buried there, they must be haunted,” Ferguson said.  “But a few people got in touch to tell me they were concerned about their loved ones who are buried there.  Every time they went they could feel this negative presence and it was making them very uncomfortable.”

The investigator said that he felt an unwelcoming spiritual presence immediately upon entering the cemetery.

"The whole time I was in the cemetery I could feel this bad energy. I felt like something didn't want me there," Ferguson explained. 

"My REM pod, a device for communicating with spirits, kept going off as well so I was sure there was something paranormal going on," he continued.  "Then I suddenly heard this 'whoosh'. It came out of a grave and went straight past me."

Ferguson said he watched and re-watched the footage prior to determining that he had captured something paranormal.  According to him, the mist represents the angry, controlling spirit of a possessive gentleman who doesn't want anyone visiting the graveyard.

"It is a very strange experience but it is also great to have how you feel validated. You always wonder if it's just something in the air or your mind playing tricks on you but you can't argue with visual evidence," Ferguson said. 

"If you slow down the footage you can see the spirit is actually trying to manifest and taking form."

"It is definitely an angry spirit," claimed Ferguson.  "The cemetery is very old and I think it is the ghost of a gentleman who feels very possessive over it. 

"He is clearly a very controlling spirit and doesn't want people visiting the graveyard."

Ferguson also said that he doesn't believe the presence is harmful.

"But I don't think his negative energy is any risk to other people buried there," he said.  "It is nice for me to be able to give that reassurance to people who were worried and give them some peace of mind."

The 33-year-old said that he has experienced ghostly activity since childhood, and that spirits are somehow attracted to his 'energy.'

"Growing up around it meant I was intrigued from a very young age," Ferguson said.  "And as I got older I realized that I had this gift where any time I went into a haunted place, spirits would appear."

"It must be something about my energy that just attracts them. It did used to scare me but I've got used to it now, most spirits aren't harmful at all."

Tobias Wayland