Recently Released Document Details 2004 USS Nimitz UFO Encounter

The UFO that evaded Navy fighter jets in 2004.

The UFO that evaded Navy fighter jets in 2004.

The discovery late last year of a secret Pentagon UFO program that ran from 2007 to 2012 brought to light an incident between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets and an unidentified flying object in 2004.  The fighter jets encountered the UFO while stationed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz off of the coast of San Diego, California, and the event was recorded by the jets' forward facing targeting cameras.

While the video was released months ago, details of the encounter have been scant; at least until recently.

Journalist George Knapp reported earlier this month that he was able to acquire an in-depth government report of the incident "prepared by and for the military."

According to the report, between approximately November 10-16, 2004, as the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group (CSG) was preparing for deployment, the USS Princeton "on several occasions detected multiple Anomalous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs) operating in and around the vicinity of the CSG."

These AAVs would perform maneuvers unlike any with which the military pilots were familiar, including descending from "approximately 60,000 feet down to approximately 50 feet in a matter of seconds." 

"[The objects] would then hover or stay stationary on the radar for a short time and depart at high velocities and turn rates," stated the document.

The craft that appeared on the above video was reported to be "an elongated egg or a 'Tic Tac' shape with a discernible midline horizontal axis," and was "solid white, smooth, with no edges...uniformly colored with no nacelles, pylons, or wings."

The report listed the object's size as approximately 46 feet in length.

Knapp stated that the document was obtained during a trip to Washington D.C. earlier this year.

"Earlier this year, we made a whirlwind trip to Washington for a debriefing arranged by former Senator Harry Reid," Knapp said.  "While in D.C., [we] obtained copies of unclassified documents related to the UFO encounters, including the [above incident]."

According to Knapp, the document has been verified as authentic, despite lacking a date or any official seal marking it as a military document.

"The analysis report is not dated and has no logo, but four separate people who are familiar with its contents confirmed to [us] it is the real deal and was written as part of a Pentagon program," he said.

The full document Knapp received is available to be viewed here, although the names of the pilots involved have been redacted.

Tobias Wayland