Bigfoot Sighting in New Jersey Garners Major East Coast Media Attention


A Bigfoot sighting report submitted to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has gained considerable attention among news outlets on the East Coast, including many local affiliates and the New York Post.  The sighting reportedly occurred on April 7th, 2018.

The witness said that she was driving with her husband in New Jersey's Pine Barrens when she saw something unusual in her rearview mirror.

"My husband and I were taking a woods cruise and were driving in the northern section of Brendan T. Byrne Forest on St Mary's road," the witness said.  "It came to a dead end so we stopped to look around and there was a pond and a little path so we decided to walk our dog for a bit."

"We had only gone in a little ways when we smelled kind of musty mildew odor typically not smelled in the woods."

Disturbed by the strange scent, they decided to retreat to their vehicle.

"After a bit we started to drive off," the witness reported.  "I am driving and in a split second I saw something brown on 2 legs and about 6 feet tall sprint behind the car in the area we were just in."

The witness described the creature she saw as bipedal, tall, thin, and covered in long, light brown hair.

"I caught it in my rear view mirror. I was kind of thinking to myself that my eyes were playing tricks on me but I just couldn't shake it," she continued.

She decided to stop the car, and her husband suggested they back up down the road. 

"As we approached the area he thought he heard branches snapping and a splash into the water," she said.

BFRO investigator Eric Spinner contacted the couple after receiving the report.

Spinner, along with fellow investigator Art Mack, interviewed the couple, and both men felt the witnesses were credible.

"I found both witnesses to be credible, and Art also agreed," Spinner said.  "We saw no reason why they would fabricate such a story, and [the woman who submitted the report] was a non-believer."

In an interview with Fox 29 News out of Philadelphia, Spinner expounded on why he finds this sighting particularly creditable.

"Not only is it uncommon for somebody to report seeing [Bigfoot] in their rearview mirror, as she did, but also because they weren't out looking for Bigfoot.  They were just enjoying a nice day out in the woods with their dog...and this happened," explained Spinner.

New Jersey's Pine Barrens share many of the traits seen in other areas with a high concentration of sightings--plenty of food, water, and isolation--which might explain the large number of reports received by the BFRO.

"Dozens of sightings over the years," Spinner continued.  "There are reports that come into our website, into our database, that aren't even on our actual sighting database because they're either still being investigated or deemed as being either hoaxes or unreportable."

The BFRO has recorded over 68 reported Bigfoot sightings in New Jersey dating back to 1966.