'[Aliens] Have Been Watching Us Forever,' Says Pop Singer Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde, perhaps best known for her 1981 hit  Kids in America .

Kim Wilde, perhaps best known for her 1981 hit Kids in America.

Following the release of Here Come the Aliens, her first album of new material in 30 years, pop singer Kim Wilde said in an April 4th interview with the Guardian that she not only believes that otherworldly intelligences have been in contact with humanity for some time, but that they actively influence the course of our development.

“I have had a lot of time to talk about it and think about it and I do think, obviously, that aliens have been here for ever. They’ve been watching us for ever. They’re in a situation where they know we have to evolve, in the way that we have to let our children grow up to a degree without our intervention. But we have to intervene sometimes, in case they kill themselves, so I think they’re reaching more of a point where they’re getting a bit, like: ‘We might actually have to do something here, guys. We might actually have to start raising the vibration in this planet for humans to understand that we’re real.’ Maybe they even are using me, to put out a pop record with them on it," Wilde said.

“Maybe it’s just part of the plan," she continued.  "Maybe they’re just saying: ‘We’re going to have to get everyone used to the fact that we’re here.’ I mean, if they know so much, why wouldn’t they? They might think: actually, there’s that girl in Hertfordshire, the Kids in America girl. Yes, maybe we can get her, because she might get people to listen.”

This was not the first time Wilde has spoken publicly about UFOs or the paranormal; in a 2013 interview with the same publication, Wilde spoke of being psychic, in addition to a 2009 UFO sighting.

"Maybe a part of me was quite psychic, because we have strong psychics in my family, especially on my father's side," Wilde said.  "I am tuned into it, a little bit. I don't see ghosts and stuff, but I did see something very unusual in the sky once, which I can only say was a UFO. But there were lots of witnesses, it was in the local paper, it wasn't just me."

Wilde began a tour at the beginning of April to promote her new album in the United Kingdom.

Tobias Wayland