Dashcam Footage Shows TR-3B Craft, Says UFO Today


UFO Today released a video through their YouTube Channel on March 3rd that shows a triangular object with three lights flying across the sky.  The object was recorded by a dashboard camera on January 26th, but only recently released, according to the summary posted beneath the video.

Voice over on the video claimed that the object being recorded is a TR-3B aircraft--an alleged secret project rumored to have been reverse-engineered from alien technology by the United States government.

"At first glance, it resembles a typical airplane," the video said.  "But once it gets more in focus, we can see this aircraft resembles a typical TR-3B triangle shape."

The video cites the altitude of the craft and its steady, unblinking lights as evidence of its otherworldly nature; but skeptics are not convinced.

"First this isn't an amazing video," commenter Steve M wrote.  "It's shot through a glass windshield and the commentary is pathetic. Aircraft do not have to have any flashing lights since those anti collision lights can be turned off, malfunction or be obscured. Black ops craft do not have anti collision lights on when they are conducting an operation. Light can be projected, refracted or otherwise manipulated to appear to be moving."

"Objects seen in the video can be easily SGI, especially when the background is black. This video has zero value, Zero. Try to get something other than lights if you want it to have any value. Stop telling people what you think it is because it could be anything and you have no way to prove that it was there at all," he continued.

UFO Today has not yet responded to a request for comment regarding the criticism.



Tobias Wayland