'The Crypto Crew' Banned from Facebook under Mysterious Circumstances


The Crypto Crew, a website specializing in news and investigation of cryptid creatures, was recently banned from sharing any links from its site to Facebook.  Anyone attempting to post a direct link to the website on Facebook is greeted by a message saying that the URL is blocked.

The Crypto Crew's founder Thomas Marcum stated in an article recently published to the site that the ban came into effect around a week ago, and that no clear answer has yet been received as to its impetus.

"It started about a week or so ago," Marcum said.  "It appears that someone, and I have a good idea who, reported numerous posts on our Facebook page as spam. The links led to our website found here. Then we also got messages when we tried to post a link from here to our Facebook, that the link was dangerous or abusive."

Marcum denied the allegations, stating that links to the site were not overshared, and that there is no malicious software attached to the website that could prompt such a ban. 

"We were posting the links on our own Facebook page and sharing it to about three other places. I don't think that qualifies as spam. I check our website (thecryptocrew.com) often for viruses and malware. I would never intentionally post up a link that would damage someone's computer or phone," he said.

Speculation in the cryptozoology community is that the links were reported as spam in retaliation for actions perceived as derogatory to the documentary Discovering BigfootThe Crypto Crew was instrumental in bringing to light a recent article by Bigfoot researcher Tyler Huggins that claimed Standing perpetrated a deliberate hoax in the hope of impressing film producers, and this may have caused either Standing or one of his supporters to contact Facebook and falsely report the website's links as spam. 

Standing was previously accused of retaliating against channels critical of his work on YouTube by having their videos removed after claiming copyright violations.

Facebook has so far been unresponsive to attempts by both Marcum and fans of the site to challenge the ban.

Tobias Wayland