To the Stars Academy for Arts and Sciences Releases 'GO FAST' Government UFO Footage


To the Stars Academy for Arts and Sciences released a video this week claiming to show a United States military jet fighter encountering a UFO.  The video, titled 'GO FAST,' was reportedly captured by a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet using the Raytheon AN/ASQ- 228 Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) Pod, and is the third such video to be released by the public benefit corporation since its advent in October of last year.

The previous two videos came in the wake of certain admissions by former and current government employees regarding a secret Pentagon program to study the UFO phenomenon.

According to the To the Stars Academy..., the encounter's "date, location, and other information has been removed by the originating authority as part of the release approval process."

The analysis provided cites the fact that the object shows "no obvious wings or tails," and that "there is no exhaust plume" as reasons why it is unlikely to be a known terrestrial aircraft or missile. 

Christopher Mellon wrote a related opinion piece for the Washington Post following the release of this video that argues in favor of better organized government investigation of the UFO phenomenon.  Mellon is a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, and current adviser to the To the Stars Academy for Arts and Science.

TTSA, UFOTobias Wayland