Local News Station Films Strange Objects over Milwaukee

A still image taken from Fox6 News' video.

A still image taken from Fox6 News' video.

Fox6 News out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, captured video of a swarm of strange objects flying over the city early Tuesday morning.  The video was shot from one of the news outlet's tower cameras at around 4:43 a.m. 

A similar video was also recorded by Fox6 at approximately 5:27 a.m. on Wednesday, February 21st.

Amy DuPont, a correspondent for the news station, was on location when she was asked by producers if she was aware of any odd aerial activity.  She reported a large flock of seagulls outside of the Milwaukee County Courthouse about 30 minutes after the video was recorded.

"About 30 minutes later we were sitting in our truck here outside of the Milwaukee County Courthouse and we heard them, birds," DuPont said.  "There are just a huge flock of seagulls here this morning."

Light reflecting off of seagulls is sometimes used to explain UFO sightings, since the birds are said to be relatively reflective; something Fox6 is using to explain the unusual aerial phenomenon. 

However, this explanation hasn't satisfied local investigators.

"Seagulls they say, but I’m not convinced unless they can explain why the camera is interpreting them like that, and what is illuminating them," said Milwaukee fortean investigator Allison Jornlin.

Illinois Mutual UFO Network State Director Sam Moranto shared similar concerns.

"At night [seagulls] like to catch thermals and go higher than normal, but they are low flying birds," Moranto said.  "What gets me is the speed and apparent size. We can reasonably assume that they are flying over the brightly lit area. That's some distance away.  These whatever-they-are seem to be clipping along. Very interesting for sure."

So far, no report has been filed with MUFON by any eyewitnesses.

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Tobias Wayland