Man Captures 'UFO' on Camera at Australia's Kangaroo Island

A cropped and enlarged version of the object in Isaacson's photo.  (Image credit: Andrew Isaacson / Facebook)

A cropped and enlarged version of the object in Isaacson's photo. (Image credit: Andrew Isaacson / Facebook)

Former Sydney resident Andrew Isaacson was visiting his mother on Australia’s Kangaroo Island when he inadvertently captured an unidentified flying object on camera while taking a scenic photograph near Cape Willoughby Lighthouse at 4:25 p.m. on Wednesday, December 5th.

Isaacson told The Islander that he noticed something out of the corner of his eye just after taking the picture.

“Just when I stopped taking photos and moved the camera down, I saw something out of the corner of my eye,” he said. “Whatever it was moved silently and exceptionally quickly.”

The full image taken by Isaacson.  (Image credit: Andrew Isaacson / Facebook)

The full image taken by Isaacson. (Image credit: Andrew Isaacson / Facebook)

However, it wasn't until Isaacson viewed his photos from that day that he realized he had captured something unusual.

Isaacson suspected the object might be some sort of unmanned drone based on its movements, which did not match that of a plane or helicopter. Furthermore, he estimated the object was approximately a "football field" in distance from the shoreline below the lighthouse.

“I’d be interested to know if anyone else reported a sighting that day,” he said.

Other witnesses have come forward previously on The Islander’s Facebook page to share their experiences with unexplained aerial phenomena in the area.

"I live on the Dudley peninsula not far from antechamber bay, around November last year myself a friend and my 7-year-old son all saw one night what we first thought was just a satellite. But then it became brighter also changing colours from white blue to green and erratically changing direction several times before speeding off and out of sight," wrote Leonard Deacon.

“Years ago, driving home—Nth coast road onto Pratt’s Rd, I saw a light in the sky to the west, like a star, but four times as big, and too high to be a house light," wrote Liz Fogg. "I pulled over and watched it for a while, thinking maybe it was a plane coming directly toward me, but it didn’t move. Eventually I went home, but when curiosity got to me I went back out to check it out again, but it was gone. I’ll never know what it was, but it was certainly unusual."

"There was one time when i was about 10 it was above the hill and shot to ironstone point and back .we watched it for about 2 minutes then it vanished," wrote Dallys Griffiths. "Others saw it too. About 1975. Never forgotten it . A huge bright light."

"I had an experience years ago coming back from Kingscote to American River, I was watching a weird light then it disappeared then a minute later this bright light came flat out behind me then shot off was very strange indeed," wrote Nikki Redman.

Still others tried to make sense of the unusual objects by providing their own explanations.

"I used to see it quite often at certain times of the year. I think it was a star perhaps Venus low on the horizon to the west over Middle River," wrote Carol Houston.

"Those are Chinese spy planes," offered Anna Mae Junio.

As for Isaacson’s sighting, some feel as though it might have a simple explanation.

"Amazing," commented Ben Florance to The Islander's page. "Captured a beetle flying past without the correct settings to make it clear so therefore it must be a spaceship."

Despite these misgivings, the photograph remains unexplained.

Tobias Wayland