Schoolchildren in Peru Suffer 'Hysteria' Following Encounter with Ouija Board and 'Black Magic'


Parents in Peru are concerned that 'demonic forces' have possessed their children following an incident at a boarding school involving a ouija board—although others are blaming the incident on mass hysteria.

The children were reported to have been found incoherent and writhing on the floor by a teacher who arrived in their classroom after hearing strange noises.

Witnesses said that a teacher's daughter brought a book of 'black magic' and a ouija board to the school in the native community of San José de Saramuro, located in the province of Loreto.

The girl is accused of encouraging her classmates to play with the ouija board, and of painting diabolical symbols on the door of the school bathroom.

Many of the concerned parents have taken their children to various evangelical churches to be ministered to by a pastor.

A video posted on September 21st to news outlet Iquitos Al Rojo Vivo's Facebook page purports to show one of the affected schoolchildren as she writhes around possessed. The disturbing video, posted under the title School Suffers Mass Hysteria, shows a young girl being restrained on her bed as she screams and growls.

She can be heard to yell "It's all your fault!"

The school reportedly suspended classes for the week, but the affected students have since returned to class.

The incident is similar to another case in which 100 ‘possessed’ Peruvian children were sent to the hospital in 2016 after reportedly trying to invoke spirits in their haunted school.