Tranquil Turtle Offers Wellness Products for Fans of Cryptids

(Image credit:    Debbie Sergel/Facebook   )

(Image credit: Debbie Sergel/Facebook)

Debbie Sergel began selling her cryptid-themed wellness products on Etsy earlier in 2018 as a way to help explore her “creative and spiritual side.”

"My goal is to bring wellness and improved lives to others, and I'll move along while I do it despite any setbacks," she told The Singular Fortean Society. "I make energy clearing spray, sleep spray, stress relief spray, beard oil, anxiety relief, and more!"

Sergel's shop, named Tranquil Turtle Wellness Products and Therapies after her Russian tortoise Mittens, offers a variety of aromatherapy sprays, roll on scents, beard oils, and gifts named after cryptids; like Blissful Bigfoot, Jersey Devil Deliverance, Sleepy Snallygaster, Flatwoods Fall, and Mothman Be Damned.

Some of the spray-on scents which can be found at Tranquil Turtle’s shop.  (Image credit: Debbie Sergel/Etsy)

Some of the spray-on scents which can be found at Tranquil Turtle’s shop. (Image credit: Debbie Sergel/Etsy)

The inspiration for the cryptozoological product names came from her daughter’s Tumblr blog, Cryptid Wendigo.

"My product names come from my daughter's cryptozoology blog. She has been following the study of cryptids for many years, and I've learned to love the study and people involved in the field through her," explained Sergel.

And while she hasn’t had any encounters with cryptids herself, Sergel has had paranormal experiences throughout her life.

"I haven't had any direct experience with cryptids, but I've had paranormal experiences throughout my life," she said. "I consider myself a sensitive and an empath, and have had feelings and visions many times, that have later been proven to be fact."

"The first one I remember is when I was driving through a nearby town," Sergel continued. "It was dark out, and I was on my way home. As I passed an old deserted building (a sprawling house from at least the 1800's), I had a vision in my 'mind's eye' of a doctor and nurse working with medical equipment. I saw the lights, a medical table that folded up to a chair, cabinets, and the doctor and nurse moving about. Years later, the building had been torn down, and I was sharing my experience at a family function. My cousin disclosed that her husband's family owned this property at one time, and it was rumored that they performed illegal abortions in the house."

Ultimately, Sergel believes her paranormal experiences have had an overall positive effect on her life and business.

"I feel this aspect of my personality helps me connect to people,” she said. “And find what it is they need to improve their life and increase their happiness.”

Tobias Wayland