Chicago Investigator Records First On-Camera Interview with Flying Humanoid Witness


Chicago paranormal investigator Jack Vex posted a video to his Facebook page on January 1st that represents the first known recorded interview with a witness of Chicago's flying humanoid.  The video showed Vex speaking to a man who identified himself only by his first name, John.  According to his testimony, John is the witness who reported a sighting of a "black, almost pterodactyl-like" creature outside of The Owl on June 30th, 2017.  John's sighting was originally reported to Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters.

Vex said he met John shortly after his June 30th sighting, but due to scheduling conflicts was only recently able to conduct an informal interview.  The interview took place outside of John's current place of employment, since management would not allow filming inside; the location of the interview is not indicated, but, according to Vex, John is no longer employed at The Owl.  John's recounting of his sighting varied very little from his original report, and he maintained that, while he is not certain of what exactly he saw, he is sure it was something outside of normal experience.

"Our world is a lot stranger than I think a lot of people give it credit for," John said.  "Again, I don't know what I saw.  I don't know if it's a creature, I don't know if it's a guy in a suit. It wasn't something that you would find in like a book about animals...It's nothing I've ever seen before."

Vex told the Singular Fortean Society that he is "planning on more interviews under more ideal conditions," since the extreme cold and short amount of time available did not allow him to perform the interview to his standards.

The paranormal investigator wrote on his Facebook page that he believes the majority of Chicago's flying humanoid sightings from 2011 and 2017 come as the result of hoaxes or a disinformation campaign, but that among the reports there may be "kernels of truth."

"And as always it is the task of us researchers and investigators to comb through the murky waters of illegitimacy to yield the truth," Vex said.


Tobias Wayland