New Zealand Farmer Films Strange Lights, Says UFO Today

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YouTube channel UFO Today posted a video on January 3rd that appears to show a trio of strange lights over New Zealand.  According to UFO Today, the video was sent to them by a subscriber.

"On the 3rd of January on of our subscribers send us this weird footage of UFO encounter. She was watching out for a cow that was about to giving birth when she suddenly saw this weird light outside over the field. Her first thought was that these lights were part of a military operation, but after a minute or two realized she was witnessing something else. After the sighting the cow gave birth to 2 young calves. She send us the footage and she hopes we can find out what it was she saw..."

The lights in the video seem to be separate objects, as they move around and away from each other.  A fourth light that later flashes across the bottom of the screen is likely an insect in the foreground, but viewers of the video are divided on what the lights in the sky represent. 

Current theories include common explanations for lights in the sky; such as light reflecting off of airplanes, drones, military flares, or Chinese lanterns.  Others believe the lights could represent truly unidentified flying objects, similar to the recent Pentagon release to come out of the United States.

"These sightings have happened over and over throughout the world - almost like a display or something.  It seems to be saying 'look we're up here, we're real,'" said viewer Nancy Desch.

The exact location of the sighting has yet to be revealed, and the release of the footage coincides with the eleventh season of paranormal television show The X-Files.

Tobias Wayland