'Ghost' Caught on Home Security Camera in New Mexico

A still image from the video showing the 'ghost' in the center of the frame.

A still image from the video showing the 'ghost' in the center of the frame.

KRQE News reported on Wednesday that a family in Clovis, New Mexico, was startled to see what appeared to be a ghost on their home security camera.

“As soon as I saw it, my hair stood up… I’ve never seen anything like that before,” said Breanna Hernandez.

“You can see it 100 percent and you can see the movement of either arms or legs going with the body as it goes by."

The Hernandez family was eating dinner on Tuesday, August 22nd, when the seemingly supernatural object flitted across the screen.

“My husband happened to look over right when the image popped up,” said Hernandez.  "I originally didn't see it."

“My husband did and he was like, was that a person? And then we were like no, no, no that couldn’t have been, and we ran over."

The family believes that what was captured on their security camera is a ghost, based on a conversation prior to moving in that Hernandez had with a local man who was familiar with the property.

“He said that several years ago, his uncle had a house on this corner lot and his uncle passed away,” said Hernandez.

According to her, the house stood vacant prior to it being torn down to build the new duplexes now present.

Although she had previously been dismissive of the phenomenon, this experience has reportedly made Hernandez a "firm believer" in the existence of ghosts.



Tobias Wayland