'Apocalyptic' Cloud Appears over Brazil

Image Credit: João Paulo Magalhães

Image Credit: João Paulo Magalhães

Residents of the Brazilian city of Teixeira de Freitas were surprised on August 17th to see a cloud that appeared to be the trail of an earth-ending celestial object overhead.

Eyewitness João Paulo Magalhães took footage of the "very unusual" cloud formation, which only lasted about four minutes; although local residents were concerned it could form a tornado.

“It really looked like the entrance to a meteorite or something,” said Magalhães.

Other residents posted their own perspectives of the phenomenon to social media.

Seria a formação de um tornado ou a entrada de um meteorito? #natureza #meteorito #tornado

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Como a obra de Deus é perfeita... Com uma simples nuvem podemos imaginar várias imagens.

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Uma PAIXÃO chamada fim de tarde 🌄

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