Quest for Bigfoot in Crawford County Comes Up Empty

An investigation led in June by the Biscardi family of Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. has failed to capture a Bigfoot specimen in rural Pennsylvania.

Robin and Kevin Morgan of Rockdale Township in Crawford County invited the Biscardi family of Bigfoot hunters to investigate a sighting that took place near their home on Hogback Road near the county's northern border.  The request came in the wake of the Bigfoot Project Investments Inc.'s offer of a $1 million bounty to anyone who provides “information leading to the capture or delivery of a bona fide Bigfoot”

According to T.J. Biscardi, the investigation did find some evidence of the cryptid creature; including castable tracks and sticks that Biscardi claimed were deliberately arranged by Bigfoot.

“We found castable tracks — about three — and more markers,” said Biscardi. “The casts were 19 inches long and 8 inches wide, traveling in a westerly direction.”

Biscardi also claimed to have experienced "vocalizations" and "tree knocks" while on the hunt.

T.J. Biscardi's father, Tom Biscardi, the self-proclaimed "Godfather of Bigfoot," has been involved in two well-known hoaxes in the past, leading some to question his involvement in the proposed bounty.

In 2005 Tom Biscardi claimed to be on the cusp of having web-cam footage of a Bigfoot near Happy Camp, California.  The web-cam was pay-per-view, and he was subsequently banned from the popular paranormal radio show Coast-to-Coast AM for his refusal to refund subscribers after failing to deliver on his promise.  

Later, in 2008, he was once again embroiled in controversy when he failed to deliver the body of a Bigfoot that he claimed to have verified along with two Georgia men, one of whom was a sheriff's deputy. 

The bounty offered by Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. began April 2nd and will run through Christmas of 2017.  Any evidence found during the campaign will not be provided until after its conclusion, according to the organization.  Anyone hoping to claim the $1 million bounty can enter on their website here, or call the Bigfoot Hotline at 816-442-3394.