Resident Returns Home to Find Naked Burglar Sleeping in Bed

Bradley Braxton, 40, of Oshkosh.

Bradley Braxton, 40, of Oshkosh.

Bradley Braxton, 40, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was arrested last Saturday after an Appleton resident returned home to find him sleeping naked in an upstairs bedroom.

The resident said that they had returned home and noticed a damaged entry.  The resident and another person checked the home, and found the nude man asleep.

The two then retreated downstairs and called police.

When police arrived on the scene they found the man hiding in a shower enclosure. 

According to police, a bag of marijuana was found near Braxton's clothing, and further investigation revealed that he had consumed whiskey and blueberry muffins prior to disrobing and climbing into bed.

Braxton admitted to breaking into the home and smoking meth, but denied that he possessed any marijuana. 

The resident said that they did not know Braxton, and police are recommending charges of burglary, damage to property, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana.

Tobias Wayland